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 First Cousin Once Removed

3 typographic translations from the documentary First Cousin Once Removed

The documentary First Cousin Once Removed moved me deeply. It tells the story of Edwin Honig on his journey into the depths of Alzheimer’s disease.

While I was watching I couldn’t help myself to write down these beautiful quotes.

I made 3 typographic translations that show the beauty of poetry and the raw reality of Alzheimer’s disease.

I'don't understand_26,1MB.gif

About the documentary:

First Cousin Once Removed

Acclaimed filmmaker Alan Berliner chronicles the deeply personal story of his mother’s first cousin well-known poet/translator/professor Edwin Honig on his journey into the depths of Alzheimer’s disease. Shot over the course of five years, the film presents an unflinching portrait of Edwin’s work and life while documenting his slow mental deterioration through visits and interviews with Edwin and his friends, former students, and others, along with archival footage and more.


If you haven’t seen it yet. I highly recommend you to watch the documentary


First Cousin Once Removed

By Alan Berliner


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